The Best Teachers Don’t Teach

By Harry Travis on about misc

Deciding to go down the path of teaching is a decision made by those who want to inspire and impart wisdom on others. They want to create magic in the minds of children and watch that dawning on their faces as they learn something new. The enthusiasm of those wanting to teach is sometimes on par with a three year old at Christmas time and the best teachers tend to perform rather than teach. The best teachers care about their students and in their care they learn how their classes learn and understand and they organise themselves to suit the child.

Do you remember your teachers growing up? Do you remember the ones you hated seeing and the ones who inspired you? Most of us remember the lessons we had to drag ourselves to but there’s always the teacher out there who we remember fondly. Students learn by personally experiencing learning that is physical, emotional and intellectual and great teachers engineer learning experiences that manoeuver the students into the driver’s seat. When you are looking for primary teaching jobs UK you can guarantee that you are choosing a vocation that shapes the minds of tiny ones. Great teachers manage to keep kids wanting to come to school and excited about the learning they are doing. Students, whatever the age, learn best when they’re in control of their learning and even as young as four years old, children get excited to learn.

Unfortunately this excitement doesn’t last forever as we grow up we do tend to get a little jaded by going to school and we soon spend time wishing that it was over and done with rather than being inspired by the things we are learning. This generally comes because teaching jobs in Kent now focus on studying for test results and not studying things that make us happy. It’s not our teachers’ faults, it’s everything to do with rules and regulations set out by the men in the suits. But that doesn’t mean teachers can’t change their teaching style to make it so that the work they are doing is fun and stimulating.

It is one thing to instruct your class but great teachers stack the deck so that pupils have a reason to learn and a desire to listen to what’s going on in the classroom. English teaching jobs UK are in very high demand but if you show your potential school that you are the type of teacher who goes that extra mile for their students, you’re a more desirable choice.

Teachers do more than teach and this is how it should be. Helping children to understand themselves is part and parcel of the job and while the parents at home are raising them away from the classroom you are raising them to understand that they are more than just a number in the classroom and that they can be and do anything they want to do.