How to Determine If Foster Care is Right For You

By Harry Travis on about misc

People usually know that foster care is not an easy process. However, they do not fully comprehend just how difficult the actual thing is. Without knowing fully whether or not they are prepared for foster care, they end up being stuck in a stressful situation. If you do not want to be one of those foster parents who end up hurting their foster kids, then you have to determine first and foremost if foster care is right for you.

Here are the tips given by reputable foster agencies such as to determine if you are ready for foster care.

First, determine whether or not you got a strong support system. The support system is made up of your family and friends. When fostering a child becomes stressful for you, you can turn to your support system for assistance. Agencies such as can provide support as well.

Being a patient person is a plus too. Thus, determine if you are actually a patient individual. Ask yourself whether or not you are willing to give continuously without expecting anything in return.

Some couples go into foster care with the naive thinking that, with them around, they can rescue poor children from their abusive parents. Foster parents think that the children will be grateful to them. That is not the case though. Most of the children think of their abusive home environment as the norm and may resent you for taking them away from their biological parents. Be prepared for their resentment.

You also have to be prepared to receive kids who may have been a victim of emotional, physical, mental, and sexual abuse. They are neglected children so they might feel angry, sad, and resentful. The foster parents are usually the ones they will take their anger out to. Ask yourself if you are willing to deal with that.

The social workers will come to your home at least once in a month to check on the progress of your fostering. You also have to ask yourself if you are willing to subject yourself to at least once a month of scrutiny from the social worker. You also have to commit yourself to a fostering plan set by the social worker.

Take note that foster care is a temporary arrangement. Thus, you better ask yourself if you are okay with saying goodbye. The foster children will have to move on someday. You cannot expect permanency from fostering a child. If you get too attached to the foster child, you might have difficulties saying goodbye.

If you already have kids, then you have to ask them about how they really feel about you fostering another child. You have to consider every family member's opinion on the matter and the children are of no exception. Their opinion will determine how they will live together and interact with the child you are fostering from the foster agencies like

Consider the child's age you plan to become a foster parent to. You might want to look for a child who is of the same age as the other children in the house. It is highly likely for children of the same age to get along with each other.